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Forever... : A Novel of Good and Evil, Love and Hope (Forever Trilogy)

by Jude Deveraux
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A Novel of Good and Evil, Love and Hope

"This beguiling paranormal romance also has roots in the past, but it is much darker in tone, forgoing playful time-travel plots for scarier, supernatural evil. The protagonists are Darci Monroe, an attractive yet insecure young woman who can get anyone to do whatever she wants using her powers of "True Persuasion," and Adam Montgomery, a gorgeous yet grim guy obsessed with uncovering the secrets of his past, including his parents' mysterious disappearance. "

Even though this is far from the normal Jude Deveraux book, I was intrigued. It combined my knowledge of the supernatural from Buffy, Charmed, and the like with the hero and heroines that I have come to love from Jude. Its amazing to me that Darci hadn't ever figured out more about her gift and powers. While Adam seems to be a stick-in-the-mudd, I came away from the book loving him.

Plus, this is a book with a nice double epiloge, first talking about the babies, and then about them as girls. I look forward to reading the sequel, Forever and Always.

posted March 27, 2004
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