why is my hair pink?

early morning kristine, photofiltered

I have dark brown naturally curly hair.  With a pink streak on one side.

It’s really not for a shock value.  It’s really not just me being artsy.  It’s really not trying to be individual.

It makes me happy!

It’s one more way of expressing my smile as true.  I feel pretty when I’m happy.

Okay, yes, so I do smile when people notice it, and I do like that it gives me a little extra creativity. 

It makes me ME, the giggly geeky creative girl.

kristine_pink_curls_eye.jpgHistory: The change has been a long time coming, my geeky personality had seen
several tv/movies that captured my eye.  So I had been trying to find
the perfect highlights with a hairdresser and we just couldn’t seem to
get a real red.  Finally, the end of 2008, I got redder-auburn streaks. 
It was too expensive to keep up, so through 2009, I  started dying the
same streak spots with my own color.  Then in 2010, found a pinker color
that lasts well.  The last few times, I moved a little more towards
pinky-purple instead of pinky-red.

What fun!


Giggly geeky crafty girl.

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