GH Emmy Winner Is AMC's New Adam Chandler Jr.: Daytime Emmy winner Jacob Young (ex-Lucky Spencer, General Hospital) has signed on to play the role of All My Children's Adam Chandler, Jr.
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Monaco Stays In PC And Joins GH Cast: ABC has now confirmed that Kelly Monaco (Livvie Locke, Port Charles) will be joining the cast of General Hospital. Even though Monaco will be remaining in the fictional town of Port Charles, she will portray a newly created character by the name of Samantha. According to network insiders, the writers at General Hospital felt it would be too difficult to address the supernatural aspects of Monaco's Port Charles character on General Hospital.
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Sheila's Back At B&B: Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter) is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful in late September.
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Rucker Out as ATWT's Marshall: Lamman Rucker (T. Marshall Travers) will exit Oakdale in "dramatic" fashion this fall according to a spokesperson for As The World Turns.
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