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planning with Lisa

Up on my white board right now:


Ya know what that means? I’m going wedding dress shopping with my little sister this weekend (Saturday at noon ;) )!

I don’t think I’d made more than a passing comment, but Lisa is engaged to Jon, her boyfriend of over a year now. He proposed in the middle of December. smile

I don’t know many details about the plans, but Lisa and Sarah did go together last weekend so she could try on a few dresses already. Now I get to come on this weekends trip, and I’m VERY excited smile

We are heading to the same store where Sarah found her dress and I even tried on a few there before settling on my dress at a different place, so it’s a very good place to go, I do believe! smile

Yay! What a fun thing to be planning for, I’m sure happy for her. Being part of a celebrating like this, in any way or form, is super-duper exciting! There are so many parts of planning a wedding that I just love, so I hope I can help even a little.


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Totally unrelated to the point of the post, but I have to say that you were such a pretty bride!! smile

oh, I never even noticed anything about that! Congrats to Lisa. smile

Oh, thanks Colleen blush

And Rina, I was kinda thinking that I hadn’t really made that very obvious yet, heh! It happened so close to the Christmas rush that I think I got all sidetracked :giggle:

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