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buying MP3s online?

Where do you go when you are looking to buy MP3s online? So far, I’ve gotten all mine from the iTunes Music Store mostly, but they don’t always have what I’m looking for. Are there any other good other places out there?

I keep hearing some great songs here and there that I’d love to actually own, but they just aren’t all mainstream enough to be in iTunes, or they are older so it’s just not as likely to be found anyhow. Heh, I guess I’m a newbie to this music-buying world anyhow ;)


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I tend to sing the praises of AllOfMP3.com. Their selection may not be as extensive as the iTMS, but they do cover a lot of obscure European and indie artists. Being based in Russia gives them something of a price advantage, too...

I buy most of my tunes from Napster. You could also try MP3.com. They have a lot more indie artists.

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