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last weekend and next week!

It’s been another busy week. Keeping up with work and recovering from last weekend, all the while getting ready for next week being gone.

Megan’s graduation weekend went well. We all made it there (despite a ticket for Leonard for speeding while he was in the lead sad we all felt so bad!) and got to spend time together. We went to a dinner at one of the financial aid officers houses when we first got there, and E was happy to get a ton of happy vegetarian food, being back in Adventist homes laughing

Unfortunately, I got a massive migraine late afternoon on Saturday (probably a combo of stress, little amts of sleep, and then actually sitting in the sun in the car - I’m a vampire, dontcha know?), so I was outta commission for the rest of the evening practically. And I’ve had follow-up headaches all week, bah!

Graduation itself went okay, it rained a little right off the bat, but we used Megan’s Mary Kay umbrella and pretended to advertise for her! Low point was when my ex-boyfriend came up to our family to say hi. whatafreak, go away. Megan looked beautiful and we all got to cheer for her when she walked across the stage.

Leah’s 2nd birthday was the same day, and so we went back to the hotel after the graduation so we could have her party and that was lots of fun. She got tons of fun things, I can’t wait to go over and play smile We got to go in the pool, too, which was funner than I thought. I actually swam!

My camera was being crappy, so my pictures suck from this weekend. I’ll put them up anyhow, but I really didn’t get the shots I wanted to because I’d press the button and it would change the focus and then say "reading Memory card" and not take the pic! of course I get home and take test shots and they work fine. Durh. My phone pictures were better at times than my camera laughing

This week has mainly been full of trying to get extra sleep and lots of work. Craziness! Megan moved into her first apartment, and although we didn’t get to help with moving (I was still too dead on monday to do anything of the sort!), we went and saw it on tuesday and really were impressed by her pretty view and the nice high ceilings. She’s right near a ton of stuff, and she’ll be close to several potential jobs, so it’s quite exciting. She’s waiting to hear back on a job that she’s quite excited about, so I need to call today and see if she found anything out.

I’m headed to the office next week, so I’m working on packing (had to get a new suitcase last night!) and making sure I have everything I could possibly need. tongue out And hanging out with E a lot because I’ll miss him while I’m gone!

I keep meaning to blog throughout the week instead of one big installment, but some weeks, that idea just doesn’t cooperate with everything else. Several of you have said you miss me, and I miss you too.

I am quite happy using NewsNetWire to keep up with my feeds on my mac. Oh, I’m an all Mac girl right now for personal use (my work laptop is PC) because E sold his PC to my brother, and so he’s using mine. Unfortunately, it is crashing on him because he put some weird ram on it. Oh please don’t hurt my poor computer! But I’m loving being a mac girl, it’s quite fun, and I could really be content without having my PC back, truthfully! There’s some of my email and some software I miss periodically, but for the most part, I really don’t need it. I suppose if I wanted to start playing games again, I’d be sad because all my bigger games are PC, but I’m still too into my Playstation games, so that’s all good laughing

Yawn. It’s 8:38, and I’m sleepy again. Can I help it if I wake up at 6:18 and have to pee? Now I’m ready for a nap. Sounds like a good idea, I’m not ready to do anything else yet anyhow smile


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Busy busy! I hope you have a great trip to 6A. luvya

I was like that for a little while, not posting then combining all of them. I guess it’s blogging old age or something. wink Have a good trip to CA.

My camera has been acting wonky lately too - I hope I don’t need a new one! Have a fun time in California.

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