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family updates

A lot of family news has gone through my mind lately, but I haven’t had time to write about it like I normally like to.

Leonard had a doctors appointment and stress test so far this week. Surgery on his heart is going to happen, but its not an emergency, so he can wait until after the wedding. They checked out Leah for any congenital heart defects this last time, too, because the chances for a child to get a similar disorder as their parent is greater. She’s perfect, nothing wrong with her heart. smile

Sarah’s invitations went out in the mail this week. That means I had all of the invitations printed and put together, the maps finished, and envelopes printed. They look beautiful, I’ll have to share some pictures. I need to start looking for some decorative items we still need, with less than 2 months to go now.

Megan went to a Mary Kay party on Tuesday night, and was so impressed by their 3 step face care products that she’s considering signing up to be a distributor. So we may get to have a MK party over here next week, with Megan and Sarah and me. I thought of Zuly right away, but M already had bonded with the distributor and was having lunch with her again this week.

Matthew is out of jail/juvie. He has a long sentance of probation to serve, and I don’t think the courts have ruled on all of his felony charges as of yet. I saw him this weekend, but I didn’t really know what to say to him about the whole deal.

Mom started classes at the further away community college this week. She got into the nursing program there and not our local cc, so she’s driving an hour each way to get to classes. I believe its 16 credits plus a blood-drawing class at the local cc to finish up her phlobotomy courses.

I haven’t talked to Lisa for a few weeks. I’m supposed to have done Travis’s taxes, and although I did the federal ones, the OR state non-residant ones are such a big pain in the butt. I’ll have to try and do that before the weekend, though. I still don’t know if she’s gonna be graduating in June or not. I guess we’ll see.

E still is coughing a lot. He had a bit of a cold when I was gone to CA, and its mostly gone but still draining down his throat and making for that dry hacky cough. I have a bit of it, but I think mine was mainly due to allergies.

And my job officially started today. I worked hard on a lot of my normal projects. I need to get some forms scanned and then faxed, so I’m gonna have to unbury the scanner and scan in like 10 sheets of stuff before figuring out my print-to-fax option again. I don’t do it regularly enough to remember how I did it. It would be nice if I still had that fax machine here, but we gave it to Leonard and Sarah when they were working on house stuff.

And that’s the story. See how crazy busy my family is??!!


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*hugs* Congrats on the first day of work. Hope things get more settled with your family and E feels better soon. luvya

Being a MK Consultant is really awesome—tell her to go for it!

I’ve thought about doing the MK thing from time to time. My aunt did it for a number of years and really enjoyed it. I just don’t think I’d be any good with sales. I’m too shy for that.

Congrats on the first day of work! How exciting!

Wow. I didn’t know about Leonard’s heart. That’s scary. I’m glad it’s not an emergency though. And I’m really glad little Ms. Leah is okay. smile

E misses you so much when you’re gone that he gets ill! Now that’s love. wink

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