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SMG interview

What Buffy did next -
A beautifully done interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The day after she finished filming Buffy The Vampire Slayer for the very last time, Sarah Michelle Gellar started work on Scooby-Doo 2. It was, she says, best to try and keep busy. After eight years, and seven groundbreaking seasons, Gellar called things quits with an understandably heavy heart but an overwhelming belief that the time was right to finally move on. But even now, a year later, she hasn’t really taken it in.

I love how she talks about Freddie being her best friend. smile

Unfortunately, as miss m'lissa pointed out this last week, Sarah won’t be on the end of Angel because of her schedule with her newest movie. Too bad.I was hoping she would.


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darn darn darn darn darn. sad

i’m so disappointed, it would be so cool if buffy and angel could meet up again... have proper closure... all that sort of thing.

in my flat we watch angel every single week as one of my flat mates is completely addicted to watching it, it kinda rubbed off onto me. smile

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