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bill making templates

Wow, I didn’t know that Bill Gates made weblog templates...

In my email box this evening from Ringsurf

Someone has applied to Blogplates (ID: blogplates)
Applicant Name: microsoft
Applicant Web Site: www.msn.com
Applicant email: bill@msn.com
Site ID: 497

Shesh, its no wonder that I’m looking at self-hosted ring scripts for the Blogplates ring. A bunch of bozos just run amook adding random bogus names to rings.

So should I write him back and tell him that if he puts the link up on msn, I’m happy to add him to the ring? :giggle:


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Thank you for linking that site! I, too, and sick of Ringsurf, and I’m happy to now know of an alternative that seems like it’ll do everything Ringsurf used to! smile

Kristine, have you looked into a PHP script to do this?


There are a lot out there that are free, and flexible. smile

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