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Okay, can somebody explain to me how del.icio.us works? I created an account, but I’m not sure if I have to actively add the links if I want them to show up on the listing or creating an account is just so you can put your list of places you’ve visited on your web page... I see miss m'lissa mention it as a source regularly, which is probably because there’s an RSS feed that could be kept track of what is mentioned. Maybe I’m just blind and not understanding. laughing Very possibly so ;)


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They have a couple of things on the about page. Sadly the context menu only works in IE, so I’m not exactly sure how you would add new links... confused

LOL, well that was my problem. I looked at it in Firebird, and couldn’t see anything different when I logged in. Opening it up in IE, and it all makes more sense!!! Not that I’d do that every day. Thanks, M flower

I use del.icio.us to keep track of links in a sidebar on my weblog. I use an RSS parser to display the links in a way simliar to Jeffery Veens instructions.

On your account page there should be a link to a bookmarklet (I use Firebird and it works fine). When your on a page you want to add, use the bookmarklet and it will add the link to your del.icio.us user page.

It also tells you how many other people have added the link and displays it on the main del.icio.us page.

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