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buffy monologues

Top Ten Buffy monologues.

Daniel Erenberg at Slayage.com reminds us why the writing for the show was so top notch.

I am all for monologues. Some of my very favorites are listed on that site. Two that I particularly love are from After Life: Spike’s "Every night I save you" and Buffy’s "Wherever I was... I was happy." Buffy’s words to Dawn at the end of The Gift gives me tears every time.

Since I just watched Becoming I and II this evening again, I was reminded how much I love Joss’s season finales. Not only for the speaking, but the actions in BI and II were just as strong as any of the words - from the amazing sword fight, the tears on Angel’s face when he said "Buffy, what’s going on?", Willow’s 2nd try with the orb of thesula, and more. Not to mention the fact that Sarah’s Full of Grace plays at the end giving more to the ending than dialog could.

Anyhow, I can’t help it, but the show is still firmly in my mind even though its over - syndicated episodes are every night for a few hours, and syndicated and new Angel episodes are giving me more fuel for me too. smile

Also, I noticed that there’s now a WhedonWiki - I could have a ton of fun adding to that!!!


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Thanks for the Buffy refresher. I miss that show.

When Angel says "Buffy, whats going on?", and she tells him to close his eyes, I bawl every time. My heart just breaks at how sad it is. Even though I know he comes back! It’s like experiencing it for the first time all over again. Joss is such an amazing writer.

Hi ~ I’m sorry I’m posting this here, but I’ve sent you two emails and have been unable to find you. I bought a style from blogstyles.com and never received the stylesheet. Could you send me either the style or a refund? Thanks. smile

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