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upside down graham crackers

I am always pretty particular how I eat my food. If I’ve always eaten something with a fork, I continue to do it. Burgers are meant to be eaten right side up. Scoops of ice cream should be nicely rounded. Tonight I noticed that I was breaking my own "rules". I like Cinnamon Graham crackers upside down. Because then, the cinnamon sugar side is on your tongue and it enhances the taste. Okay, that was random! smile

I had a delightful evening with Leonard and Sarah and Leah. We sat around and chatted while I cooked and then we ate good food and even better cookies. Then I took over 100 pictures of dog collars (yay for digital cameras and 196 pictures that fit on memory cards, even on the highest setting!) I’m a bit tired, as I did cook a lot and even clean some, but it was a happy evening.

Catching up on some video tapes on the side of my stereo—I watched the last 3 Nip/Tuck episodes so far this week. The end of the finale was cut off. Darn VCR. Tonight, I watched the premiere of Tru Calling. It was really good, and definitely one I’ll keep watching, even though I have to tape it because its on at the same time as Threat Matrix. I still have an epi of Miss Match and a few days worth of Angel. But I’m much more caught up now!! The TNT episodes of Angel are in Season 2 now, but I’ve missed a few because of stupid basketball being shown instead. Grrr. And they were ones that I hadn’t seen the first time around, as I missed some of season 1 and quite a bit of season 2. Anyways, I’ve really been enjoying the fact that TVTome has such updated info on it—its almost more fun to look through than the imdb. wink

I realized something else tonight. Every new TV show I’ve seen this season, I’ve liked. Am I just easily interested? Or are they all really good this year? Maybe a bit of both. Either way, I haven’t had this much fun watching TV for a few years—back when I lived alone and watched whatever I wanted, before I started getting sick and could stay up half the night and still work fine. That was season 3 of Buffy, and I taped all the eps for E, who was still in school, but came to visit every few weekends. I had fun that year, with TV movies and tons of WB shows. smile

Tomorrow, I’m gonna do things a bit slower. No trying to catch up for not doing work-related stuff today. Mental Health day to give me back some energy, I do believe. smile


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yum! i do love cinnamon graham crackers. haven’t had them in ages though. looks like a trip to t he local grocery is in store fo rtoday. smile

TVtome.com & TelevisionWithoutPity.com are two of my favorite TV sites. They do a great job.

On a side note, I eat almost all of my food upside down. It tastes better that way! Seriously. smile

Oh, I keep forgetting to ask... What’s the deal with all the dog collars? I mean, what in the world are they doing?

Just sign me,

~Nose Nelly ;)

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