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tired and happy

I’m feeling a bit lethargic now. Leonard, Sarah, and Leah came over this evening to work on Leonard’s new business idea (anybody have any tips for us about ebay sales?) I kinda rushed around to get ready and cook some dinner for us all, but it was really a nice time. We got product pictures and outlined a few things for the next step for his business, and what I should be finding more about for him. I’ve kinda turned into project manager and online researcher, which isn’t a bad role. I just need a bit more time in the day!

So that was the only thing I did today really. Watched part of Armageddon because it was on FX. Taped Nip/Tuck, since I’m still an episode and a half behind.

I really need to:

  • Order Vitamins (Rexall? Get mom’s purchasing #)

  • Order Groceries

  • Get my Amazon order coming

  • Catch up on email, blogs, and news. Hee hee, that’s a big one!


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