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amc: sexiest man

Sexiest Man in America - if you watch ABC daytime, you can’t help but have noticed the Sexist Man in America contest that is going along with the Fusion storyline on All My Children. smile Of course, I would have nominated Cameron Mathison, who has just returned to the role of Ryan, but apparently that nomination idea didn’t occur to the right people. wink
It’s time to vote in the finalist round for The Face of Fusion now through September 12. Watch these five guys all this week and choose the guy you think is the Sexiest Man in America!...
I do kinda like Doug and Jamie, both are finalists. The other 3 didn’t make me turn around and stare at the TV when their pitches were on!


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I’ll do a write-in for Cameron. ha ha!wink Of the guys who are actually finalists, I’d probably go with Jamie, but none of them are really my type.

So, the sexiest man in America is also sexist? ;)

(You might want to check out your entry title... smile)

ROTFL! Ooops, I’m fixing that right now. tounge out: That was one of the funnier typos I’ve ever made!!! ha ha!

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