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happy thoughts

I’m writing out some happy thoughts to hopefully have something to focus my energy on while I am at the dentist office:

  • catching up with my friends... getting caught up leaving comments for miss m'lissa Brandy and Zuly would make me very happy. smile prheart

  • Finishing the beautiful design for a certain friend that makes me smile every time I get into it.

  • Posting the new Leah-pictures means I get to stare at them. smile

  • Soaps that will be waiting for me when I get home. I will tape GH and AMC while I’m gone

  • breathing. No knots in my tummy. must breath!

  • happy candles - I cleared more of my desk off yesterday so now I can burn my candles again.

  • books. go over the storylines of the Velvet series in my head so I can write about them on collectics.

  • the color schemes I’m picking out for new sets at blogstyles. Colors make me happy.

I’m sure that could be misconstrued as excessive for a teeth cleaning, but you haven’t seen my hands shaking over here. Sitting in the office waiting for 30 minutes while E is getting his done is going to be torture! But if I can make it through this with a bit of energy at the end, maybe I can go out to dinner with my boy! smile


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You’ll be fine....

Sending good vibes...laughing

Sending you happy thoughts! I hate the dentist too! luvya

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