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I have this knot in the pit of my stomach. E set up a dentist appointment for me tomorrow afternoon, and I truly would rather not go at all. E knew that, so he didn’t tell me until after he set the appointment up. Last time I went, I had to have 2 cavities filled, and I was so anxious that I barely could stand up afterwards. I don’t want anybody finding more flaws in my body, I have enough issues to deal with right now. Will you cross your fingers for me that I’ll be more comfortable once I get there? thanks.


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I know the dentist sucks, but I had two cavities and because I didn’t have them taken care of, I had to have 2 root canals and some other stuff.

If cavities make you nervous, root canals would make you crazy.

It’ll all be ok I pwomise.

I hope all goes well with the dentist. I have to make my appt too. I HATE going. I am just prone to getting cavities (because I didn’t take care of me teeth well enough when I was younger) so it seems like everytime I go, I have another one. sad Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. flower

I’ll keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. I totally understand that knot in the pit of your stomach. I get one too when I get close to a dentist appointment. luvya

it will be okay. just remember to keep breathing.

I have one next Monday morning myself, and I am feeling quite the same way about it. I’ve got 4 fillings to endure but I know my teeth will thank me for it later (avoiding more major and expensive issues like root canals) Take deep breaths and close your eyes and travel to a far away place and try not to think too much about it.

I’m thinking of you chickie. smile

luvya heart rainbow

Wow! I know exactly how you feel.

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