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Weekly Wrapup

Weekly Wrap-Up #60 - Blogrolling - I know, I know, I’m a little late with this. But it was a fun one and I wanted to participate! smile

  1. Do you offer comments and/or trackback on your blog? Why or why not? Underwhat circumstances might you pull one or both of these feedback features? Both. As I mentioned the other day, I was blogging before comments were a part of weblog programs. Its wonderful to have most everyone on my blogroll has comments on their site. I enjoy seeing what people’s reactions and feedback is to my own posts, and reading the comments on other sites is great too - its a nice way for people to add other great info that the original poster didn’t have included in their post. And trackback is wonderful. Another amazing innovation. The only time I have a problem with trackback is when people who use another character set (like Japanese or Chinese) and then they ping me with a huge long string that doesn’t make any sense and it makes my layout go wonky!

    I can’t forsee myself turning off comments or trackback, at least not on my main blog. I enjoy using them a lot.
  2. How do you handle comment trolls? Would you edit their posts or those of others who might express a differing opinion or offensive tone? Why or why not? When random people come to my blog from a google search and just click a bunch of my smilies and post the comment, I am likely to delete that. If someone comes and insults me or my other commentors, I have been known to ban them and delete the offensive post. Differing opinions don’t bother me, but when someone has a lack of respect and shows impolite behavior while giving that differing opinion, I’ve decided that I don’t need that extra stress. I haven’t ever editted commentees post to change their opinion, I’d rather just delete it if its offensive.
  3. Have you ever used a password protected blog (either .htaccess, restricted entries hacks, pMachine, LiveJournal, etc.)? When and why? How did you determine who you would permit access to this protected area? Nope, not yet. For a while, when I was using an alternate address while my site was down, not many people knew where I was posting, and I tended to be a bit darker at that point of my life anyhow. That’s as close as I came to password protecting. I don’t think that I would need one, unless something major were to happen that changed my mind. The people on my sidebar on this page would be the first to know about it. Plus a few friends who only read/post periodically but like to keep up with my life.
  4. Do you let family, real life friends, or work colleagues read your blog? Why or why not? Eric reads my blog regularly. If you read Brandy’s answer and sub E’s name with Matt, its the same thing smile My sister reads periodically. I don’t really tell a lot of people about my blog, but they know I have an online journal, and it wouldn’t be hard for them to find it if they wanted to.
  5. Name one person on your blogroll you’d most like to meet. Why did you pick that person? Where would you go and what would you do? Just one? Hmmm.... nope, must be more. ;) I’d like to take miss m'lissa to one of our Red Robin’s here. Then come home and watch movies or be geeky on our computers. I’d invite Lisa and Brandy to come over, too, and cook something yummy for us. Zuly and Robyn could come and I’d be sure to have lots of pillows on my soft futons downstairs for them to rest while we chatted. It would be a big girly party!! smile

Bonus Question: What new blog did you discover this week? Why would you recommend it to others? miss m'lissa pointed me towards Reecie this week. I’ve been reading Hey Lisa off and on from comment links and other blogs and finally bookmarked her. So those are the two newest on my blogroll, although I’ve barely had time to read anything lately!


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You just let me know the dates and I’ll figure out how to get to your house! *hugs* flowerheart

Can I come to Red Robin too? wink

That would be fun! I sure wish we all could meet up. You and A could be the meat eaters and E and I could discuss vegetarian menus. ;)

Blogger Slumber Party at Kristine’s house! I’ll bring the silly string! ;)

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