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men of Demi

miss m'lissa had a link to a similar story the other day, but I am kinda astounded that they all came together: Demi, Ashton, Bruce: Menage a Trois. I mean, its one thing to come with your boyfriend to your movie premiere. But with your boyfriend, ex-husband, and 3 children? That’s a bit too cozy, I think!! smile To each her own, though ;)

[via E! Online]


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No no no! Bruce came by himself...Demi came with Ashton and her kids, but Bruce got there right behind them, by accident.

Yeah, I was thinking the same exact thing about that when I read about it in the latest People magazine today.

the link is expired but i saw the pics... yeah, that just looks wrong to me! LOL however, i like Ashton Kutcher’s haircut. and Bruce and Demi’s girls are an exact mixture of both.

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