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little stressful secret

I got a call last night right before leaving for M’s graduation.

Annette calls periodically just to chat, so I didn’t think much of it. She was my secretary for much of the time I worked full time for our family business. Our friendship grew dispite the age difference, and if I was pressed to answer a question about my "best friend", I’d name her.

I hired her for a job puling orders in the back, and when the girl I hired for secretary flaked out and just never showed up or returned our calls for days, A was plan 2, and we started training her to do both jobs. She picked stuff up fast, and we found that we worked well together (our personality types are very similar - she’s an ISFJ and I’m a ISTJ)

Towards the end of the year, the other people we worked with got terrible. No repect, no consistancy, and it really frustrated both of us. She left for another job. I hired someone and planned my wedding and the someone was completely not competent, so I fired her. We decided to just make do with me and mom’s time because I couldn’t go through training again at that time. Megan took over the job as soon as she was done with school. Right around the time of my wedding, Annette and dad talked, and they told me on the day of my wedding that Annette was gonna be coming back to work with us! woo! So we worked together for the rest of 2000. early 2001, I started getting more and more stressed by working with my mom. I started on anti-anxiety drugs, and by the end of the year, I came up with a plan to leave because of the stress. I cut back my schedule a huge amount for Jan and Feb, while Annette took on more jobs to pick up my slack. Dad convinced me to stay with the promise that mom wouldn’t be doing as much so I couldn’t have that stress. :sigh: So Annette and me kept working together until summer of 2002, when I only worked afternoons and she only worked mornings as I again attempted to leave the job. I taught her the last of my job tasks in September, and she’s been doing most of my job since then.

Her call wasn’t just to chat. She had put in an application with the procecuting autornies office over a year ago, and never heard back on the job. But they called her over the weekend and had an AMAZING opening—its a field she’s always loved (her mom was a court transcriber), and the pay/benefits are phenomenel. I think that is great, and that she really would enjoy it. She’s really excited, and I’m happy for her. She deserves a job she enjoys smile So now, she’s trying to figure out which of my parents to give her 2 weeks notice to—dad’s on the Spokane run, and planning a trip to Michigan when he comes back (taking Matthew w/him). Mom’s in the middle of finals, and then her new volunteer job starts, and an interview with another college’s nursing program all this week. Leonard is anxiously waiting for Leah to be born, so chances are that at some point at the end of the week, he’ll be in the hospital with Sarah doing that.

I have NO idea how they will replace her. Most summers, one of the girls would work. But Lisa just got a job at McDonalds over the weekend, and Megan’s planning to work at a hospital. Mom’s got a 5 week quarter for the last quarter of A&P, so that will be hugely busy. Dad’s going to Michigan for 3 weeks. And I can’t do it. There’s just no way, even if I wanted to help. And I am fairly they will ask me what I could do to help.

Whatever is going to happen, I hope that A talks to somebody soon so that its not just in my head to think about. I know that its not my worry to stress about it, but with so much history behind it, how can I not at least a little?

Maybe typing all of this out will release my stress and I’ll be able to breathe easier smile


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Judging by what time it is there, it must be weighing on you heavily. I hope they’ll understand that there just isn’t much you can do—and I hope you’ll remember to take care of YOU in all of this. I’m thinking about you!

Sounds like you have the answer now you just need to stand firm and tell them you just can’t help with your health situation. Things will work out...but it is their problem not yours! Take care.

Daisy is right. Mind you, it’s easy advice to give and harder to take. You just need to do your best to realize that it’s not within your control. This is up to your parents. They run a business. It’s their choice. You help them out the best you can, when you can. They’ll find a replacement. It’s their responsibility.


Hang in there chiquita. Be happy for Annette. Think of Leah. Be prepared to help a little bit, but stand firm for you.

prheart luvya heart

What everyone else said! heart

You need to take care of you and stand firm in your decision. I’m thinking of you too sweetie! luvya

I just wanted to chime in with my agreement to all the above commenters. Although it’s hard to do sometimes, you have to take care of yourself first. Taking care of yourself is the only way to put yourself in a good place to be able to help others in the long run anyway. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with whatever happens. luvya

Love you!!!!!

Keeping you in my thoughts! They’ll make it through without. You do what’s best for you, hon. Love you!

Family makes it harder, but everyone’s right. It will work out. And try not to stress too much over it, because that won’t really help you or them. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers! prheart

they’ll get through it. hang in there! things should be getting sorted soon right? heartheartheart

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