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grad and stuff

Matthew’s graduation went fine smile The stupid dork running the powerpoint presentation with little kid pictures kept screwing it up, but besides that, the program was pretty good. The youth pastor from the MeadowGlade church was the main speaker, and he’s always good. Matthew got to sit up on the stage and smile for a long time (or as much as a 14 year old boy can smile while standing in front of a group of people!!)

We ended up going to Subway on our way, and saw Leonard there. Sarah’s mom fell and broke her noise and hurt her face a bunch, and so she was in the hospital and so Sarah and her sister were at the hospital, and Leonard went to be with them instead of going to M’s graduation. I don’t think Sarah and Leah needed that extra stress—she was due on friday, and we were hoping she would be born over the weekend! smile Come out, little Leah! we want to meet you! flower

So that’s the story! Good night!


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