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I feel so worn out. I napped off and on all morning. But I still am tired.

I must get feeling less tired by this evening because Matthew’s graduation is at 7. So I need to be showered and dressed and all cute before that time. Dark circles under my eyes don’t make the outfit as cute wink

So I think that the couch is going to be a good place to watch soaps from; I’ll try to get some extra rest before this evening instead of working on my projects.


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Definitely take lots of naps if you need them and just take it easy. The projects will wait, but your little brother only graduates 8th grade one time. smile I’m sending lots of happy healthy rest vibes to you so you’ll be able to knock off everyone’s socks with how adorable you are. luvyakiss

Hope all went well at the graduation! Sending you lots of K/Ch power love!

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