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power blogger

miss m'lissa did it, so I had to do it too... wink

Power blogger, you are a voice to be heard! Your blog attracts a lot of attention, for what ever reason that is. You are a master of your page and writing is in your blood!

What kind of blogger am I?
brought to you by Quizilla

Why yes, I think Power blogger sounds good wink Back when I was first starting out, Andre had a site called Power Bloggers, and I tried so hard for days to get my name up near the time smile It was fun smile

[M says these quizzes are like stickin' a 12 volt to your tongue!]


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Hmm, kind of odd - my response doesn’t tell me what I am! The picture seems to be Catwoman with a whip, and the text is What the hell! you do what you want, regardless if any one is out there or not! Keep on truckin'! but it doesn’t give me a title!

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