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new fans

So its damn hot. Its still 90 at 9PM. I think that qualifies for damn hot, don’t you?!

But, I went the mall w/Megan, and on our way home, E and I stopped at the store, and got 4 new fans. 2 clipon cheapy ones to clip to our desks and blow on us, a tornado one to circulate the air, and a small standing one for below my desk to point at my legs. smile The air that’s circulating is warm, but at least its air. This will make the weekend SO much better. I heart E!!!


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I heart E too! ... well my E. laughing I hope that it cools off there. I suppose I shouldn’t mention that it’s a chilly 60 degrees here right now? tounge out:

Dang! Where do you live? On the sun?!

Youch! It’s warmer there than it is here in Tampa. That’s just wrong! confused


Where do you live? On the sun?!!?

I’m soooooo ready for the cool-down I was promised for Monday. It’s toooo damn hot! Glad you got some fans. I’d be very miserable without mine. sun

And they predicted snow for us for Friday night. Happily, that didn’t happen, but the temps dropped a good 20 degrees.

that is a super idea. i make kevin move the fan around based on where i am sitting in the apartment. the bad thing is that the kitties are afraid of it so we have to take that into consideration when we move it around! lol.

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