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leaving the heat

Okay, I’m so hot. Yes, I’ll be whining until we go back to a normal temp. This 97° stuff is NOT normal!

Megan’s coming over to take me with her shopping for a little while. Air conditioned car and mall sound pretty good right now! Maybe an air conditioned restaurant for dinner. E, if you read this, I’ll call you once I talk to Megan - miss m'lissa mentioned Red Robin and that sounded pretty darn good!

But I’m gonna go downstairs where its a teeny bit cooler to wait, even though I have work to do up here!


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This weather gets me thinking about the actual summer, how hot is it gonna get in July and August? Ouch. butterfly

I have a feeling we’re in for a really long hot summer sad ... is it a Taurus thing to not like heat? We live in a basement suite so it’s fairly cool in here usually, but I’m totally overheating today.

blush I think I have been whiney about being hot for 2-3 days now. I just can’t help it. We got up to 92, officially in Tacoma today. Broke the record. OIY!
heart the fans...

I don’t like overly hot weather myself. The AC and I are becoming close friends right now, so I’ll be ready when this summer comes knockin'. smile

Red Robin was nummy. A got a bacon cheeseburger and I got a fish sandwich. Yum yum yum. I heart that place. smile One of these times we’re going to try their desserts. They look so good. strawberry

I like to have a salad and dessert sometimes when we go there. heart

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