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hot soapy goodness

Is it summer already? Its freakin' hot already. My Weather bug says its 82° but I swear its a lot hotter up here. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 92, and that worries me if I’m this hot today!

There’s a fine line between having the windows open for air and having the sun shining on them all day making the warmth come in. I need to balance that better!

Tara’s advice on Buffy (season 4 finale) "be back before dawn..." makes so much more sense smile Jeff Kober was on Charmed tonight - he was Rack on Buffy. And seeing TW King on Charmed every night makes me SO excited that he’s coming back to GH smile Woo!

My soaps were so good today! I wished that ATWT would have kept going for a few more hours, and I would have been totally happy. I enjoyed all the storylines going on today, actually! Carly, Molly and Parker and Craig; Allison and her Mistletoe and a great kiss for Chris; Katie and Allison in the hospital; Real Andrews' first day; the looks between Dusty and Rose... And GH was pretty darn good today, too—Sonny and Jason and Carly and Courtney; Stefan’s snarkyness; even Lucky and Nik and Emily were more fun; Ric is a psycho! And then on AMC Edmund and Maria; the Fusion girls; and Boyd and Kendall (I bet things are gonna shake up when Cameron Matheson returns!) So it was a good day for soaps smile


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The news here in Portland said that it was 91 out today. They are predicting that this will be the hottest ever Rose Festival parade.


send some hot this way, it’s only 15 C here.

I could use some warmth too! It looks like it’s nice today, but not HOT like that! LOL Of course, when it DOES get that hot here, I won’t want it! :giggle:

The soaps were really good weren’t they? I can’t wait to see when Ryan returns on AMC and what happens then. I bet they’re going to get something going with Kendall and Boyd before then just to have a relationship shake-up! heehee Now Maria and Edmund are going to have yet another daytime wedding to remember. I dunno, I like them together, but I was really liking the Mia/Edmund, Maria/Aidan thing too. :sigh:

I’ll take 91 over 96 (and climbing) any day.

I haven’t really seen the soaps for three days now... they’ve been on in the hospital room, but I haven’t really been able to pay attention to them... but I did see "Taggert" on ATWT!! Yippee!!!! laughing

Hopefully I’ll get to stay home tomorrow to watch them!!

Come on over here, man. Today, it hit 80, which is shocking, because it’s been in the 50s and 60s for the last month or so.

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