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all day

How on earth can it be that I was so un-bloggy today?!!

I guess I’ve been busy. I caught up on some email, wrote the stupid lerners people about my balance (I didn’t want to talk on the phone again, and they sent me a fax number, so I faxed them a letter. :lolsmile, did some check book balancing, cooked dinner, watched soaps, and even played some Kingdom Hearts for a while. It seems like the afternoon/evening went way to fast today.

exercise Oh, and I walked to the mailbox mail and did a bunch of stretching afterwards. Just moving my arms and legs seems to go a long ways towards being able to move easier—so I’ve been doing mock-weight lifting (I just go through the motions of flexing my arm muscles in several positions with no weights) and some on-the-floor leg stretches. I’m so far from touching my toes, its not even funny, but its gotta be good for something, right? I can’t do sit-ups, that hurts way too much, but I sit on the edge of the couch and bend my body down to meet my legs as far as I can (not very far yet), and I can feel it in my tummy a bit.

Played on the blogshares site for a while - the portfolios look all nice now smile I bought s'more shares in a bunch of my favorite reads where they were available, and that was fun! I accidently gifted away 700 shares of my blog (at 1500ish a pop, that’s a lot of moolah!), but that’s all better now, and Seyed rocks for fixing it!

Tomorrow, I should do some laundry. The pile is getting awful big! Its supposed to be 88° tomorrow, so I need to think cool thoughts now—E brought up the fan, so that will help.

So that’s the story, not much exciting!


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If those 700 shares happen to get on your nerves again, feel free to send them my way. wink

Congrats on all the movement. Sounds like you’re doing great. I hope you’re feeling better because of it. smile

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