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weekend recap

I made it through the busy weekend, and fairly unscathed smile

Friday night, we took E’s mom to Spaghetti Factory, and then stayed up and chatted. Saturday, E went to play games with some guys from college who were in town. I napped, and he came home for a while, and then he went back out to watch the Mattrix with them. I rested, watched TV (TLC’s new For Better for Worse) and read for a while. E came home after I went to sleep, and we slept in before I finally woke him up to go to my family’s house for lunch. We spent a few hours over there and had a wonderful lunch with steak on the girll and baked potatoes and strawberry shortcake and more. Yum. E’s mom said she’d be back from the memorial service by 3 or 4, so we came home to be here, but she didn’t get here until 5:30. We went to dinner at the Starlight diner, and then stayed up talking again. I went to bed, and E’s mom was gone for the airport when I woke up.

And that’s the story! Busier than my weekends usually are, but good nonetheless smile


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you had steak on the girll? sometimes typos can be so amusing smile Either way, it sounds like you had the weekend I wish I had had smile

Every time you talk about going to the Spaghetti Factory, I remember the heartbreak I felt the last time we tried to go to the one in Boston...and it was GONE!

I loved that place! I miss it. Why did they do this to meconfusedsad

But I am glad that you still get to enjoy it! laughing

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