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Busy day I’ve had!

I got up and took a shower and then a little bitty nap before 11. Safeway was schedule to bring my groceries between 12 and 2, so I straightened up downstairs and started some laundry. I did some stretching while watching Port Charles, and cleaned up a few more things downstairs. My grociers came and I put all those away, and then Lisa showed up. She’s been cleaning for about an hour now, and I finished folding clothes. So wow, my house is really gonna be sparkley for tomorrow when my MIL comes smile

But I’ve barely sat at my computer at all. You’d have thought that yesterday, I woulda done some of these things while my sites were done, but NO, I didn’t wink


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having a nice clean house is the best. that is my plan for today. it has been so hot down here that the kitties are shedding like crazy and i can’t breathe. ugh.

LOL You sound like me, I procrastinate all that cleaning junk no matter what happens! :giggle:

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