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journey to healing

CFIDS/FMS Self-Help - From Doing To Being: My Journey to Healing

Yvonne Bond is a CFIDS, FM and IBS patient from New Mexico.


I have had CFIDS, FM, and IBS since the late 1980s. For more than a decade, I lived with a dilemma: I thought I had to work, but trying to live a normal life made my condition worse. Three years ago, I stopped working. Since then I have built a new and better life for myself. Id like to tell you my story, which I call my journey from doing to being.

Wow. I hope that one of these days, my story will be successful like this author. In successful, I don’t necessarily mean "well", but "being" rather than "doing".

Benefits of My New Life

How am I doing after three years of being at home? My stress level is much lower. The difficult people are out of my life. My activity level is manageable. My moods are better. Most important to me, my spiritual and creative life has really blossomed. Ive learned to conserve energy and ask for help. Sometimes, though, I still overdo it (or eat the wrong food, et cetera) and pay the price, but usually I have chosen to do this.

Great encourging article to me.


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That’s great. Maybe she would be someone who would even correspond with you if you wrote to her. Very inspiring. bug

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