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random thoughts

I wrote a few random things in EditPadLite while I was down today smile

I feel better being able to post all that, no matter how random it was ;)

Sony Unveils new PSX Game Machine

Sony Corp, under pressure to cut costs and roll out hot new products after dismal earnings news, unveiled a game machine on Wednesday, the "PSX," that puts a TV tuner, DVD recorder and game player in a single box.

[seen at Techdirt]

Gesture Your Mouse Goodbye

FingerWorks of Newark, Delaware, has developed a technology that turns hand gestures into some of the most common computing tasks, like opening files. The technology could gain favor with people who suffer from repetitive stress injuries.

I think that we will see more and more alternative mouse concepts as the next few years go on. Finding out that so many people have repetitive stress injuries or carpel tunnel and are just spending more and more time on the computer; this all makes for a solution. This gesture idea is pretty good... my wacom tablet came with Sensiva, a program that allowed me to use gestures on my tablet with the pen and have simple actions be taken... it was great, and I really got used to the simple motions instead of having to go to a menu and select my option. Of course, Sensiva is no longer providing updates to the customers who used it for free, and so it wasn’t working half the time for me because I couldn’t add my newer programs to it. I now have the all-in-one gestures package for Firebird, so that my browsing can have gestures.. I use back and forward the most (click the button on my pen and do a left or right motion clicking on the tablet)

Liz Phair goes pop

Hailed a decade ago as the queen of indie rock, Liz Phair now says she just wants to be a pop star. Her new album, Liz Phair, due out June 24, is more mainstream than her critically acclaimed 1993 debut Exile in Guyville. And it’s a very calculated change.
Ooooh, I have a feeling that I’ll enjoy this smile The people being Avril’s Complicated worked with her, and thinking about a cross between Liz and Avril makes me smile!

Why does In Style bother having a website and sending me links to the new news? They’ve changed the site to subscribers only, so I only see the teasers for the articles. Bah!

Tip of the day: When cleaning the bathroom/shower on a hot day, you may get sweaty and too warm. So when you are done, just jump into the shower. You can wash down the walls while giving yourself some cool water to cool down. ;) For more fun, don’t bother taking your braids out, and just douse them the way they are ;)


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