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Joss on aftermath

Joss Whedon on the aftermath of the Buffy finale and what it means for Angel season 5. - great words from Joss...
When asked why the WB didn’t hold off until after the Buffy finale to announce that James Marsters would be on next season, he said:

There was no f---ing way. They were very excited about James. They have a shiny blond thing to show people, and they’re gonna do it.

:giggle: I like that, I think I’ll start referring to him as a shiny blond thing wink


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Aiight! At least Spike will still be around. I forgive Joss a little bit for the whole series finale episode. And I hope I remember to read Tuesday’s article. I’d love to know what’s going to happen to Cordy. Will she be around at all this season?

i love the joss quote, but the wb should have held off for a few days til the finale aired. a lot of people felt that was a huge spoiler.

but he is a lovely shiny blonde thing isn’t he...? heart have you seen his high school grad photos from 1980 (yes that’s right, he’s in his 40’s! divorced, with one son): http://katgyrl.com/misc/btvs/james1980.html

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