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goodbye to buffy

Some people really didn’t like how Buffy ended. But all in all, I can’t think of how I would rather end it...

Here’s some assorted snippits from articles I’ve been reading. Mainly for my own enjoyment of putting them together.

I mean, yes, there were some scenes that weren’t the best, and if it was 2 hours long, things would have been able to develop more, but wow, the whole ideas behind the finale really were great. I loved the premise, and it really left things open for my imagination to take over.

Seeing Angel smile was great, and knowing what he had to do to get the Amulet on his show made it more meaningful to me. Spike saved the world. Buffy and Spike cuddled. Buffy changed the way things would go (Conversations with Dead People - Joyce said that "when it comes down to it, Buffy won’t choose you" - I think that with Buffy’s ideas for fighting, prophecy was changed.) I’m sad that Anya died, but I’m glad she made it to the finale - I heard she might leave sooner, so that was good. Andrew was good, for his comedy and making Anya fight with thoughts of bunnys. Faith and Principal Wood—made me laugh - although I didn’t like his "surprise" for her on the bus. Giles playing D&D and supporting Buffys plan. Willow, with "Nifty" after channeling the power. I love her. Kennedy fighting and being there for Willow. The way all the potentials eyes lit up after Willow’s spell. Buffy and Faith get back up even with awful wounds while fighting. Giles picking the bus as the getaway vehicle (echoed the whole idea of the RV they took in season 5 to me). The Sunnydale sign falling into the giant crater. Buffy’s smile at the end thinking of how she will LIVE instead of die.

Scoop Me’s review. - has some excellent ideas of where the future of Buffy could go. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

This is a great overview of the major themes of Buffy through the years. Life After Death PopPolitics

However you read the twisty evolution of Buffy, it’s worth remembering, amid the current reevaluating and memorializing, that it has always been about ends—specifically, the ways that young people deal with loss. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has faced and caused death again and again, usually multiple times per episode. Being the Slayer, she is chosen to destroy monsters in the name of goodness.

The swell sign-off - assorted finale reviews.

The finale tonight of UPN’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer does right by the cult favorite and its quirky characters. It is perfectly enjoyable without matching the peak episodes, one that robbed Sunnydale residents of speech and another that forced them to sing.

Farewell to the Hellmouth - great thoughts.

But the series finale of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Tuesday night did bring back something perhaps more important: a reminder of why so many viewers fell in love with the show in the first place.


But what really sold me on the “Buffy” finale was the return of the heart and the wit that have been creator Joss Whedon’s calling card these past seven years. He wrote and directed this episode, and it showed.

Buffy passes on her power

Then, as the camera did a 360 around the original four (symbolic gesture: we’ve come full-circle), they were off to kick demon ass inside the Hellmouth.

I loved the words being so full-circle, too.

Eternal thanks to 'Slayer'

For many, 'Buffy' has been an old friend, a comfort, a sofa to sink into every Tuesday night. Even though it transcends the small screen, it still is just a television show. But it’s just a TV show the way the "Star Wars" universe and "The Lord of the Rings" world are just a movie and just a bunch of books. Sure, technically that’s correct, but it hardly does them justice.


In the ways that the break-up of the Beatles, the death of Kurt Cobain or the closing of the Palladium signaled the end of earlier pop culture eras, the finales of "Dawson's" and "Buffy" are signaling the end of the teen period of many Gen Y’s lives, forcing them finally to grow up.

Jiggly blonde aside, `Buffy' is brilliant TV
I had similar thoughts as this reporter... E and I started watching together while we were still dating and now we are an "old married couple" and tuesday nights with Buffy have become a ritual that I’m gonna miss!

Soon my wife, Laurie, who hates horror movies, began watching with me. "It’s OK," I said soothingly. "This actually is intelligent television."

Tonight, we will watch the last Buffy. It is a sad occasion, but I’d rather Buffy leave me than I leave her like I’ve left so many programs.

Sarah’s Thank you ad in the hollywood reporter.


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Hi, I think Buffy was the best show ever. I mean it lasted 7 years, it had to be great. I hate that it has to come to an end cause I love the show alot. I think that everyone, meaning cast wise, did a great job acting and palying theit rolls. They all fitted the roll of the characters. And Joss, he did a great job, making the show and making it last so long. It is a great show and I hope that one day it comes back on air. If it doesn’t, then I just guess Buffy will be a memory that won’t be forgotten. I know, I’ll never forget the show cause it was great and was a good show to watch.If it does come back on show I will be happy and love to watch it. Buffy shows the way of live and what people go through, except Buffy had powers so her life was differnet from ours. Great show, Joss! And cast members, great job acting!
Corinne Custodio

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