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75°? Wow, I guess its time to move the fan back up here!!!

I made it through some email today, and did a few bits of projects, but nothing too exciting. I’m hot even in just shorts and a bra.

So I went and laid in bed on top of the covers and read my Real Simple, and I’m feeling quite a bit less hot! Perfect summery feeling, to lay and read such nice things.

I haven’t heard yet from Megan about her interview, so I’m just gonna have to call and see if she’s home yet wink

Ya know what? *I like cookies*. Particularly homemade chocolate chip ones with raisins and coconut. I have done that the last few times and made a few for myself that have raisins and coconut, even though E doesn’t like either thing. They are heavenly, the combo is perfect! smile

Enough randomness for you? Allright, I’ll stop!


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It may be random, but I adore you anyway! prheart

How about big pink cookies? ;) Sorry, I just had to say it! Enjoy those wonderful summery feeling moments!

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