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soft music ideas?

I just got off the phone with my brother, and they are looking for some soft calming music to play in the days around Leah’s birth, and probably at the hospital before/during the birth. They only have rock and country CDs right now, and so they didn’t know what to look for... they thought maybe I could burn them a collection. Leonard has never cared much for soft music, and hasn’t listened to much, so I’m feeling challenged here to pick things him and Sarah would like. I don’t think I know what Sarah likes except I do know she likes country, and they went to Oz Fest last year, so that kinda music.

So here’s your chance to shine - what would you pick for the "Calm Welcoming to Leah Marie" CD?

I’m gonna look through some of my stuff and see what *I* would like and make a list here when I figure that out. smile


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enya is always nice and calming. also some of those seemingly lame :relaxation: cd’s might have some good stuff on them.

On the OzzFest theme: "Mama, I’m Coming Home" by Ozzy himself? There are plenty of hard rock/metal ballads that might work, and that Leonard would still like.

I would definitely suggest Enya. You may also want to look into collections like Pure Moods. They always have good stuff.

I really love "Shadow’s Lullaby" from Bear in the Big Blue House (a Disney children’s show) because it’s a lovely duet with celtic overtones and acoustic guitar. It’s not necessarily a new baby song, but it’s a very sweet, soothing melody about bedtime protection. I’ve got an MP3 temporarily posted in case you/they’d like to hear it. I’ll leave it up through the weekend.

How about some Norah Jones? Very relaxing, kinda jazzy, not to elevator-ish. heart

Jason was born to Kenny G. I played it for a month or two beforehand at night when I went to sleep so it became my "sleepy music" - that way I was conditioned subconciously to relax when I heard it.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is also good for that - I never make it through the first season, I’m out like a light every time.

Norah Jones would also be pretty good - I like to listen to that when I need something soothing at work.

I think I have all of these on CD, and I can burn you copies if you want. I have a box at my office (still) that I need to send to you, and I can just toss those in! Let me know... smile

Shawn Colvin: Holiday Songs and Lullabies

For Our Children Too is a nice, relaxing album geared for young children. smile It has Faith Hill performing "Over The Rainbow," Celine Dion performing "Brahm’s Lullaby" (which is also on her These Are The Special Times album), and Bryan White performing "You Are My Sunshine." Of course, my favorite track on the album is "Angel’s Lullaby" by Richard Marx (also available on his Greatest Hits album).

I second the Pure Moods series. Also anything in the Celtic Twilight series is good. John Tesh has several great soothing cd's: One World and Classical Music for Babies (And Their Moms) Vol. 1 & 2. Chris Spheeris "Best of" for a mid-eastern new age flair. Any of the Cirque du Soliel soundtracks. "The Most Relaxing Classical CD" [2-cd compilation]. For the rocker, maybe some of the string tributes to rock bands that are out there. There’s a string tribute to Tori Amos that is really nice and soothing.

I also heart Secret Garden. They are Norwegian, gentle, and soooo soothing. I have their full collection if you want... just let me know!


i agree with jane and kymberlie....definitely enya. smile there’s also a new age artist called kitaro that might be good.....or george winston’s pinao pieces. i have all the enya music on mp3....i can burn that for you as well if you’d like. smile

Try David Sanborn’s "Maputo"

Try David Sanborn’s "Maputo"

Well, I’d recommend Nat King Cole singing The Very Thought of You; I put it on a baby cassette(!) for a froend of mine a few years ago because it has thi beautiful lyric "I see your face in every flower" - just the thought to have when you see a new baby! wink

i am an expert on soothing music! lol laughing

i would recommend a) anything by george winston (its all piano, no vocals), b) enya, c) david sanborn, d) yanni (i know it seems cliche, but his music is really very soothing), e) patrick o'hearn (piano, no vocals), f) david lanz (absolutely fabulous piano, no vocals), g) mozart, and h) vivaldi.

i have all of these artists on cd already, and i would be more than happy to burn copies... just let me know what you want and i’ll send smile

loreena mckennitt

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