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buffy at E

A few buffy links that I found this morning...

Bye-Bye, Buffy - Timeline - great retrospective of the show, with fun comments and pictures.

If you want to see some sexy Alyson Hannigan pictures, check out her FHM Feature. I like this one myself smile

Tomorrow @8, Biography is doing a feature on Buffy. I really like the flash intro on their home page for the special!

[some links from Whedonesque]


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She’s so pretty, I don’t think these photos do her justice. They’re just sensational 'cause of the outfits, but I don’t think her hair and make-up look great. sad

Yeah, you are right, Dara. . . I’ve seen better ones of her... I actually like the photoediting that they did with these images at Alyson-fan more than the originals smile

red leaf background
my favorite
natural beauty

Tee hee, that was fun smile I needed some Aly-surfing time laughing

Don’t forget Revealed with Jules Asner! They’re running a show on Sarah Michelle Gellar this week. I just saw it today in fact. star

I wish my hair was the color of her hair in that "my favorite" picture link. I would love that.

That first FHM pic doesn’t even look like her. I’m not quite sure why. It has something to do with her expression.

Thanks for all the Buffy info. smile

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