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stuff done

I did a lot today. I’ll probably be a bit sore because of it tomorrow, but I got a lot done.

Besides playing CurveBall for a while, I also cooked and did some laundry. Made it to the mailbox and did a bunch of stairs. Even took a nap for a bunch of the morning. I sorted some email (still a bunch to go) and finished a project for a client and am just waiting for the final okay. I went through a bunch of the mt-plugins plugins waiting to be added to the directory (and only have a few more to finish tomorrow). I made it through all of my daily reads and even left a few comments here and there. I watched Stargate Monday with E. I checked on my blogshares. Answered a bunch of MT forums threads. Read some of the unread news threads from the weekend (and marked more as read just to be caught up).

And now, I’m gonna go to bed. Well, in 24 minutes when Stargate is over. Just enough time for my drugs to kick in, and then I will be good and sleepy by the time I crawl under the covers. sleep Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite! bug


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Wow. Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit girlie. Good for you! smile I’m going to be posting another addictive game today, so hurry up with Curveball! ;)

Sounds like you are really progressing!

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