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Angel renewed

WB Renews Angel

The WB has renewewd its vampire series Angel for a full fifth season, with former Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member James Marsters joining the show as Spike, Variety reported. But cast member Charisma Carpenter, who plays Cordelia, is not expected to return as a series regular, the trade paper reported.

Yay!!! Its coming back! And James is moving over to Angel, which is a great thing! I’m not sure why Charisma’s not coming back full time, but she is a brand new mommy, so that could be it. I’m just SO happy that’s its coming back... with Buffy gone, I didn’t like the thought of missing out on all my favorite Joss-shows smile Woo, James and David on the same screen again? Rocks! smile


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I read that too. Happy news. smile I’ve been taping the last eps of Buffy, because I’m afraid it’s going to end sad. I was reading up on it yesterday and thought I’d figured it out. I thought Spike was going to die. Then I read that piece of news... So it can’t be true. smile I wonder if they’ll leave Spike with a soul. I wonder if he’ll join Angel & Co.

So many questions. I wish I could just peer inside Joss’s head for a minute. ;)

two vamps with souls on the same show? as well as both in love with the SAME slayer...that will be fun.

i will very much miss Cordy sad heard anything bout conner? is he coming back, or is the re-set permanent?

I’ll miss Cordelia, although truthfully, I liked her better when she was more campy and snotty. It was pure fun to watch her. And yay for Spike crossing over!!

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