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feeling a bit better

I’m actually up and around today, a bunch more than I was yesterday. My throat isn’t as scratchy and my nose isn’t as runny. Woo! I guess all that water and vitamin C musta helped wink

I’m so far behind on my email. I need to reply to a katrillion emails and do projects related to a ton of them. My goodness. So you’ll have to bear with me if you have written me and haven’t gotten a reply.

Being down for a few days really has me missing my favorite reads and commenting time! :lips: to you guys!


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i am so glad that you are feeling better today. einstein ate 400% of his daily recommended dosage of v. C every day so you’re on the right track! flower

I’m so glad that you’re feeling better. heart

I’ve been trying to drink lots of water too, but having to go to the bathroom so much is getting on my nerves! laughing

Glad to hear y0u’re starting to feel better! heart

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better too! luvya

Let me be the first to say... I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. ::giggle::

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