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rounded corner skins

I added a new skin, basically to play with some new css stuff smile - I made it for me flower Its got rounded corners, which is a Mozilla property, so it only displays properly in Mozilla, Netscape (tested in 6.2) and Phoenix/Firebird. But it looks darn cool in those browsers laughing IE6 sucks with its scrolling bug and the absolute positioning, so you’ll probably want to stick with another skin for now. I did a few tweaks while I was at it, and added screen shots for the other skins.


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I *love the colors on the new one! My favorite of the ones you have up. I wonder if I could use it, since I’m nowhere near IE6. LOL Skins don’t always stay skinned for me, but I can try.

Omigosh! I love it. It looks very futuristic. Good job! kiss


Oh I heart this new skin! I wish I could come up with something like this. You are too good. smile

oh yes, it rocks! i fired up the little red dinosaur and BAM - rockin away. so pretty. you’re becoming quite the stock market diva over there too! laughing

Well, the rounded corners don’t work in Safari (for Mac) either. But the colours are pretty, and the layout works quite well. Good job!

Thanks guys smile Rina, if you can’t get it to work, I probably could make a version of this that would work in IE... not the rounded corners, but the same colors and idea flower

It looks gorgeous and fun! I’m sticking with the tulip skin because that’s absolutely my favorite right now.

i’m using the rounded one at home... before that i was using the tulip one. they’re both very nice!!!

also - thank you so much for buying shares in my blog, Kristine!!! you’re definitely boosting up my share price. i hope to break a dollar today! laughing (which is pretty sad because before BlogShares went live, i was almost at two dollars.)

Ooh, I like the colours! Even without the rounded corners in Opera, it’s pretty darn cool! Good work! heart

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