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So I made it to the mailbox ALL 5 days this week mail I was pretty proud of myself, even though I didn’t walk further than the mailbox this week, and even with my self consciousness, I did it! I’ve also been doing more stretches during my soaps.

And I don’t feel awful sore either, so that’s a good sign. If I’m feeling okay tomorrow, I’m gonna try to make it to Best Buy. I have a gift card to use from my in-laws from my birthday wink

Goal for next week - walk further, and do some searches online for more simple stretches to do. continue with taking vitamins every day (I only missed today, since I missed breakfast) exercise


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Yay! Go girlie! I’m so proud of you. laughing


that is wonderful! i am so glad to hear that you are doing so well! keep it up!

You go, girl! Those are some fantastic accomplishments. heart

That’s wonderful! I’ll have to send you a card on Monday so you have something else to look forward to on you walks.

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