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The live version of BlogShares is open! By the time I got over there many of the stocks I wanted to invest in were all bought up, but I got a few... So you might check out the site, its lookin' pretty good! laughing

The transaction limit for today is 10 transactions in the first 12 hours... And the addition of your claimed blogs each counts as a transaction. I forgot about that, so when I did 5 transactions, I couldn’t do anymore! The price I pay for having so many blogs laughing


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There’s so much changed at Blogshares since it started...I really don’t understand it all anymore, it’s complicated! I’m trying my best....

i could only do 5 transactions. sad i’m not sure why. and i only have one claimed blog. that’s strange.

I ran into that exact problem - all of a sudden it said "only 12" and I’m like... but I’ve only done a few...? I totally didn’t think about the transaction our own blogs would costsad Oh well!

There was some discussion about this at the forum, they will alter this, I think....star

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