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feel silly

I know, this is silly...

But when I’m out getting the mail (my exercise time), I feel so funny when people are around. I should walk back the other direction the same distance again every day, but I feel like a dork going back and forth. There’s not a loop that’s short enough for me to to take, so my only choice is to walk back and forth in this area. The maintenance guys work out of the garage across the street, and are coming in and out all the time. And half the time, I’m wearing jammie pants and a hooded sweatshirt (totally presentable, of course!), so that makes me feel a bit silly too; but if I waited until I felt good enough to get all dressed up before I took a walk, it might not happen.

I know, its really silly to be self concious - I have the right to be out walking back and forth and back and forth if I want to... but I am. Duh!


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i admit it, i feel the same way sometimes!

I can totally relate. I know I shouldn’t feel self-conscious about stuff like that, but I do. kiss

Awwww...you’re so silly, I’m sure they think you’re adorable as we all do! sun laughing

I know what you mean. I used to power walk along the aside of a busy road, and you’d think I was the only person who ever walked anywhere by the comments I used to get! Hugs, Lil x

In the unsolicited, FWIW dept, to feel self-conscious is to be a human being, irrational as we all are, thank God. War veterans say that heroes feel scared to death just the same as cowards do. The difference is in the action they take. On that model, the only silly thing would be to stop walking!


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