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Video Game Console Price Wars?

Video Game Console Price Wars?

"NEVER WANTING to miss news of wars or rumours of wars, a little snippet that appeared on VE3D has proved interesting. According to an alleged employee of Gamestop in the US, console makers are about to drop their prices."

"Meanwhile, Nintendo will be dropping the Gamecube down to $99."

Woo! If they keep droping the price on the Gamecube, we are just gonna have to get one laughing


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A Gamecube will be mine if it drops to $99. Mario, here I come! ha ha! I’m going to have to keep my eyes on the price. Thanks for the heads up. laughing

Yeah, a GameCube would be a steal at $99. And here I thought I got a good deal on it for $150 with a game! smile

I heart my GameCube immensely, and I bought it way back when it was $150. It’s so tiny and quiet, and it’s got games that you just can’t live without, like Resident Evil. And for those less horrifically-inclined, Pikmin and Spyro. :>

Hrmm... 99$ for a game cube or a new gameboy advance. I can’t decide! Now if only I had 99$...

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