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my day - very random

I’m still really sore from the weekend. I tried to take it easy today to make up for it, so hopefully tomorrow will bring less pain. Note to self: refill prescriptions. The commercials for Bruce Almighty had me giggling several times this evening. Several of the Stargate episodes tonight are among favorites (Tin Man and There But For the Grace of God - they stood out in my mind as memorable ones for some reason). I have fonts on my desktop waiting to be sorted, although I did add a few links to my font page thanks to miss m'lissa this evening. I’m trying to catch up on blog reading from the end of last week when I wasn’t around still.... so if I haven’t commented lately, I haven’t forgotten you, really laughing I uploaded some new stuff to Blogstyles but its not linked in yet. It was warm today, over 60 in the middle of the day. The bathroom is cleaner and I put my shaver up on the wall with its little sticky things that it came with finally about 6 months later! Things are put in motion for moving a project around on my hosting account. And E is waiting in bed for me to come to sleep. My drugs are taken so I’m on my way. sleep Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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