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PDA things to know

This is kinda an interesting article - if I was in the market to buy a PDA, I’d pay more attention to these suggestions. Maybe it’ll help miss m'lissa - she’s in the market for something new smile

7 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A PDA

"If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new PDA or upgrading your current one, you’ll find a lot of choices. A little research might give you some direction or, quite possibly, leave you with a splitting headache."


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I’ve been trying to narrow it down. This looks like a great article. Thanks for thinking of me. smile


Thanks for mentioning that article. It looks like something to keep in mind if I decide to upgrade soon. I’ll probably just stick with my Platinum for a bit longer though. It still does the job for me. I just get blinded by all the more advanced ones. smile

I always feel embarassed when I whip out my Handspring Visor Pro, because it looks so clunky next to all those newer models out there. But that’s a good article, when I get more money and want to upgrade, I’ll definitely be reading taht again!

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