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i feel so loved

What an amazing treat to wake up to - so many sweet notes and posts! I can’t wait to get around to all of your sites to thank you, but for now, I just want to say how much I love you guys!

When I come back from all my birthday stuff, I’m excited to participate in the Love-in at Erika’s place smile If you haven’t heard about it yet, be sure to visit her site and read more...


And big huge congrats to my rina-doll, who got her license today and gets to have my birthday as the date on it so she doesn’t forget when to renew. wink Way to go, babe! You rock!


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Still feeling the birthday love for you! Hope it was truly spectacular!

Just stopping in to share a little blogger love with ya. (((HUGS)))

Just wanted to send you a bit of extra love today! I love that you always find such happy fun things. I love that you give so much to the bloging community. I love that you are local to me. I love that you always post bits and pieces of your life. heartluvya

Happy Birthday! candle Just came to share the love. heart I love your layouts and all the fun stuff you have on your site. I love how friendly and helpful you are to people (especially with MT) and I love these cute smilies! xoxo!butterfly luvya

I’m sending out love from the Love-iN. *hugs*

I love all the neat links you find all over the web, always a great website to read. smile

Just popping in to pass it on. I enjoy your website & appreciate ALL the help you provide to the 'net at large. Happy birthday smile

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon for the "love-in" http://www.snazzykat.com/archives/003601.php#003601

I love you because...in spite of trying to identify your illness you are still upbeat and a loving wife. To me nothing is more important than a husband/wife relationship and you can tell how much you love E thru your writing. You were also one of the 1st blogs I stumbled onto and one of the reasons I started blogging.

Just stoping by during the Blogger Love-In to say thank you for being there - you’re wonderful and I feel truly lucky to have you in my lifesmile

Sending you Love for the love in and for your birthday. You have one of the biggest hearts around. You’re a very special woman and I’m so glad to be your friend! I love you!

I Love you! I love your talent, and your strength. I love coming here, because you’re always looking forward to better things, and you remind to do the same. I think you’re the greatest!

Just wanted to stop by and bring you some heart! Kristine, you’re so generous, and I really appreciate it when you take time to answer my silly questions. smile

Lots of blogger love-in going on today! I wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciate your friendship! I love you because you always find out the best information on the soaps...and all the current news on practically everything. Also because you are so caring and selfless in everything you do to contribute your knowledge and love to the rest of us! Thanks a million hon!! Hugs! luvya

Sharing the love with you, Kristine... You know I just love, love, love you to pieces. You were one of the "originals" for me - helping me get my blog set up and also helping me various other times, too. You inspired me to start and keep blogging and you STILL inspire me with all your geeky goodness. Thanks for being you!

I love you because you have patience whenever I send you a question about something. I love you because you are sweet and kind and one of the nicest people I know. I love you because you are smart and talented and a hell of a designer. I love you because you’re you. prheart

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