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abc watchers to atwt

SoapCity: Editor’s Opinion

...these days, ABC loyalists have several great reasons for checking out As the World Turns.

Oh, I do so agree! smile ATWT gets better all the time, and has some of the best people from ABC soaps on it!

Also, I’ve heard rumors that Ronald Guttman is slated to come on as Alexander Cambias. I was expecting someone with a much larger presence to play Michael’s father. Earlier this year, Guttman played Julia’s doctor on ATWT.


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Just wanted to say flower:music:HAPPY BIRTHDAYsmilestar

LOL I know how much people rave about ATWT, but I just can’t seem to stop with AMC and OLTL! LOL Even though they’re not as good as GH, I’ve been watching them so long, it’s just habit! wink

Crystal, you just have to just turn off OLTL and watch ONE episode of ATWT and you’ll get hooked. My mom is a diehard ABC chick—for years!!! and she watched 10 minutes of ATWT with me one afternoon and declared it the best soap she’d seen in years. It is just SO good. It always surprises me... even when I know what’s going to happen from spoilers, it still catches me off guard. I love it.

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