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a few bitty things

I had a beautiful day. It really was great. We even saw beautiful flower on the way over there. And had an easter egg hunt for the first time I remember in a long time!

'Cept that I didn’t get a nap. So I’m heading to bed early. I played with the blogshare stuff in my sidebar, and added something to the date header, so if you see anything odd, its cuz I’m not done tweaking yet smile

sleep good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!! sleep

a few notes for tomorrow :
Add to collectics—6 days, 7 nights; Love Comes Softly
mt-plugins—updates and email A back.
Blogstyles—finish new styles and put up.
check in with ongoing client.
take pics of bday loot from today.


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Glad you had such a wonderful day, sweetie! bug

Happy Easter a day late. heart Now you get to look forward to your birthday, so wish at will. ha ha!luvya

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