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movies for post-MTVers

"Once Upon A Classic." lists the new "classic" film canon for the post-MTV generation.

The canon has been changing over the last decade, and what makes a classic of cinema is now drastically different to discerning young moviegoers than it has been to their teachers or to the critics or to Leonard Maltin. The implications of the new canon are vast, much bigger than the specific films themselves, and they speak to the ways in which a new generation perceives history, reality, and even perception itself.

Some-what slanted because the author polled film students rather than the general public, but its still very valid. I’ve still only seen 4 of the listed top movies, but I bet its a lot more than what the list was a few decades ago!


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huh. interesting article. i’ve seen many of the classics the author mentioned (thanks to my film class last semester) and many of the more recent top 10 films. i have to disagree with the author and say that i still thin the classics are classics. they’re just like fine antiques - they’re worth all depends on how much you appreciate them.

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