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long day

Yes, it was a long day. The house smells all good, from open windows and candles. I did a lot, and I’m pretty tired, but hopefully it won’t be enough to knock me down for tomorrow. smile And I’ll have a pretty clean house to be sore in even if it does ;)

I made a good dinner and even some cake, and got to sit and chat with E during dinner. Very happy stuff! prheart

And then I remembered that there’s a new Buffy on tonight, and that made me even happier!


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I forgot to tape Buffy!! I was busy making dinner, and I totally blanked on Buffy because of American Idol. Durr.

Watched American Idol (but then I haven’t watched Buffy ever anyway, so wouldn’t have a clue LOL) - you sound upbeat even though you’re tired, I sure hope you feel good tomorrow still! Hugs!

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